MTD Summer Basketball Tournament Recap


All photos can be seen Here!!

Thank you to Analise Saab Brown for the amazing photos!!

More Than Different hosted their first annual charity summer basketball tournament at Dugger Park. The event raised money for a local college scholarship eligible for all current college students who graduated high school in the middlesex county. 

More Than Different stands to represent the relentless pursuit of one’s journey to conquer their dreams and ambitions. We strive to empower others with the mindset to embrace their own authenticity because it is their natural superpower to bear. Everyone’s power comes from the fact that we are all different from one another. It is those differences that stand out from the standard. We appreciate not just the diamond in the rough but rather the authenticity of the rough itself. 

The event featured an eight team, five on five, basketball tournament, Paisani’s Food Truck, More Than Different merchandising stand, lawn games, free beverages, big smiles and unmatched energy all day long!

Huge shoutout goes out to the lead sponsors of the event which include Middlesex Magic, One Mighty Mill, Menotomy Grille and Brunt Workwear.

Another shoutout goes out to Paisani’s Food Truck for bringing all the italian goodies to the party. Shoutout to the players for participating in the event and HUGE shoutouts go to the people working behind the scenes, who had a hand in the event including all the young scorekeepers, merchandise managers, videographers, and especially the McNamara family for all the guidance and support.

Lastly, Shoutout to the people who still SUPPORT and BELIEVE IN US. The loyalty will pay off.  

It is safe to say, we have changed the name of the More Than Different Summer Basketball Tournament.

Put your best team in next year and compete to win it all! The throne is vacant and the crown is for the taking.

Till next time,

Yours truly,

The MTD Classic.