About Us

More Than Different is a clothing brand that was established and founded in the summer of 2019 by Colin and Brendan McNamara in the basement of their home in Arlington, Massachusetts. The idea behind the brand is to spread a message to people to embrace their differences and invest in themselves no matter the limitations people put on you. Everyone has different mindsets, come from different cultures, grew up in different neighborhoods with different dreams and goals in life. Everyone's vision is different. The phrase 'More Than Different' represents the dream chasers, who celebrate the success and uniqueness of others and spread positive energy. 

This all started as a clothing brand, but there is value in the message. We don't just wear it, we live it. 

More than a label, it's a lifestyle. More Than Different. 

Colin McNamara

Cofounder of MTD

Brendan McNamara

Cofounder of MTD