To Be More Than Different

I've been asked what MTD is, or why my brother and I started the brand at least 30 times. And I've thought about it a lot, and I think about my answers to all differently phrased questions that all seemingly fall into a broad category of "what is the meaning of more than different". I haven't given the same answer to that question every time I've been asked it.
So what is it? What is more than different?
As cliche as it may sound, the reality is, every single person is different. We're all different in various ways. But not everyone is MTD. To be more than different is to embrace who you are. Embracing your differences, whether it's where you came from, your ethnicity, distinct features, or your goals and aspirations. To be MTD is to be you, do you, for you. Not to be altered by societies or by other peoples standards. 
People can interpret MTD in any of those ways, it's not reserved for one thing. 
I have grown up in this era where everything is consumed by social media. Social Media is significant in society. In many ways, it's used for its benefits, but the reality is there are hundreds of thousands of people on these platforms that share their thoughts negatively on different people or ideas. It's easy to hate on someone or something. To be MTD, is to take the high road, even when it's difficult. Spreading peace and love is contagious and it speaks highly of your character. I'm sure there are tons of people who had their negative opinions when my brother and I introduced the brand. That negativity is fine, just keep your hate on that side, we got something going on this side.
Never let hate alter an approach.
Follow your vision
Chase Your Dream
Spread Peace and Love
That's MTD.
More Than a Label, it’s a Lifestyle.
- Brendan McNamara



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