Built from the Basement

It has all started in the basement of our house in Arlington, Ma. The vision has been there from the start, and that's ultimately why this is gradually growing. We invest a lot into this brand because we envision what this can become.  
The initial introduction to MTD was through our instagrams. We used both of our platforms to spread the word about our white original MTD t shirts, and people kept spreading it around. The reactions were dope. So many different people said they wanted to buy one, people from all around. But realistically, most of our orders came from people in Arlington, and if not Arlington then Massachusetts. Which is great. Hometown love is key. Rome wasn't built in one day. And we both understand that. 
It started as trial and error in the basement, basically screwing up t shirts regularly. Then we started getting consistent with it. Along the way, we've found better ways to make them so they can be as high quality a t shirt as possible. We're still making all our products ourselves at the crib. There's beauty in the struggle, and we're embracing this process of growing everyday to make our vision a reality. 
So many people have supported MTD. To those day one friends and family and hometown kids or people who slid up in the dm's saying "I want one" and they bought one ... we appreciate you all. It's a great feeling to have the people around you support what you're trying to do and seeing people you don't even know reach out about MTD. 
It's still a local clothing brand, but we're making it a movement. Be a part of it now because our vision is only get clearer and soon enough, we're going to make this global. We'll always remember where it started. 
We're the Brand built from the basement.
Love it before they all do. 
More Than A Label. It's a Lifestyle.
More Than Different. 
- Brendan McNamara

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