• Chess--The Coping Mechanism

    My journey of playing chess began in the eerie hallways of Ottoson Middle School. During my 7th grade year, my history teacher posed the idea for m...
  • Hear The Unheard

    Before I begin to write this blog, before I go any further, let me first say one thing:
    Black Lives Matter.
  • Built from the Basement

    We'll always remember where it started. 
    We're the Brand built from the basement.
    Love it before they all do. 
    More Than A Label. It's a Lifestyle.
    More Than Different. 
  • To Be More Than Different

    I've been asked what MTD is, or why my brother and I started the brand at least 30 times. And I've thought about it a lot, and I think about my answers to all differently phrased questions that all seemingly fall into a broad category of "what is the meaning of more than different". I haven't given the same answer to that question every time I've been asked it.
    So what is it? What is more than different?