MTD Blogs

  • Simplicity

    Simplicity is one of the fundamentals of leading a happy and productive life. Oftentimes people expend effort on many projects and it inhibits thei...
  • Three Years Later

    Today marks three years since More Than Different was established. Three years. I still remember the combination of nerves and excitement that I fe...
  • The Integral Role Fear Plays in Goal Achievement

    I recently started listening to Andrew Huberman’s podcast, and have been fascinated by the body of information that he provides to the listeners. H...
  • Just Take Action: Manifesting the life you’ve always wanted by taking action today.

    I view summer as a springboard; an opportunity to propel yourself to new heights in not only any facet of your life, but also every facet of your l...
  • The Climb

    Over the weekend, I graduated high school. A pretty inevitable feat but for some reason it revealed so many raw emotions in me.  Ebullience, happin...
  • Accountability: How We Can Foster True Friendships While Cultivating An Ideal Social Circle For Success

    You may have heard the saying “you are who you hang with” before. If you haven’t, all this saying dictates is that, over time, you adopt your frien...
  • Those Who Mind Don't Matter, and Those Who Matter Don't Mind

    Imagine letting go of every thought or fear that is holding you back and instead, doing what you want to do, and being exactly who you want to be. ...
  • Learn to Forgive

    My first week of spring break was one of the most transformative and inspiring experiences of my life. I went on a Civil Rights Trip with a small g...
  • Chess: The Coping Mechanism

    My journey of playing chess began in the eerie hallways of Ottoson Middle School. During my 7th grade year, my history teacher posed the idea for m...
  • Hear The Unheard

    Before I begin to write this blog, before I go any further, let me first say one thing:
    Black Lives Matter.
  • Built from the Basement

    We'll always remember where it started. 
    We're the Brand built from the basement.
    Love it before they all do. 
    More Than A Label. It's a Lifestyle.
    More Than Different. 
  • To Be More Than Different

    I've been asked what MTD is, or why my brother and I started the brand at least 30 times. And I've thought about it a lot, and I think about my answers to all differently phrased questions that all seemingly fall into a broad category of "what is the meaning of more than different". I haven't given the same answer to that question every time I've been asked it.
    So what is it? What is more than different?